Wednesday, 9 March 2011


I think it's fair to say when Hannah MacGibbon picks a theme, she likes to over-do it. Think sheer shirts, a lot of the colour camel and scalloped hems. This time she seems to have taken a liking to snake skin and really ran with it.

This I liked. A bit bolder than usual seasons perhaps but still as sophisticated as ever. Then this next one happened.

See, I can appreciate this. She's kept it modern with the yellow on the sleeves and the light a flowy material. But this next one I just can't forgive.

Minus the ACTUAL snake head, it's a cute bag. But I just can't see past it at the moment. Who knows, it might grow on me if I see it enough times.

However, there are three things that never fail to win me over at the Chloe shows (I say that like I have been to them, when in fact, I watch them over youtube and look at the pictures on and they are the following:

1) The way the models are kept to natural and pretty. For me, the best hair and make-up that comes from the shows are the natural smokey brown eyes and the long flowing golden hair. I love when the models are made to look like a better version of themselves. I'm really not into the edgy hard black lines of make-up and the greased down hair. Chloe get it right all the time, perfectly natural and desirable.

2) The great shoes. I really don't think these need an explanation.

3) And finally, that one great dress (or in this case cape) that leaves you breathless. It's so girly you could barely find an event to wear it, but it's of those items that you just need to have. I really think my wardrobe would be complete with this number.

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