Monday, 7 March 2011

oui... moi je joue!

All of the news over the past week or so with the John Galiiano scandal got me thinking about Dior and the innocent connotation it had in my head. The Miss Dior Cherie adverts (my favourite ever perfume campaign) filled with pastel balloons and then perfectly adorable Lady Dior handbags. I remember I first saw this ring when I was 17, it still is top of my wishlist.

So simple and to the point, original and unique(and don't forget the diamond), what more could you ask from a piece of jewellery?

The Dior name for me will remain as clean and elegant as before, no matter what happenes behind the scenes. Yes, it was an awful thing to say, and no, you cannot make excuses for it. But as long as the french fashion house continues to inspire my wardrobe with it's classically girlie and lovable styles, the Dior name will remain up there in my eyes.

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