Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Should I?

There is an incredible pair of shoes that I want (yes, they are bordering being a complete rip-off of Louboutins, but they are so gorgeous). However, I'm worried they will look really cheap. Arrrggggh. Help me out, has anyone ever used a website like this?

They are the perfect classy black shoe but sexy too because they are so high. 75 euros... should I or not?

Monday, 28 March 2011

be iconic...

Expensive lipsticks are my new thing. I could spend hours choosing which colours to buy and when I left Sephora this weekend my hand was coloured coral from all the ones I tried. These are so gorgeously glossy, I can't decide what one I should get. Hmmmm.

PS. How seductive is Kate's voice. I love her accent.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Emma Watson for Lancome : My Version

Here are some of the pictures from Emma Watson's shoot with Mario Testino for her Lancome campaign. I still do not love her hair, but I absolutely adore the classic biker jacket and romantic dress combination. I always grab my leather jacket when I go out for the night here in Paris, something about it just feels right.

Here is my version, a fail safe outfit from my wardrobe.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Monday Morning Motivation

This ad is old, but whenever I need some cheering up it always does the trick. I think it's the mixture of cute guys and spring time that does it for me. ENJOY

Friday, 11 March 2011

Dupe: Prada

LOVE the prints from Prada for this season, don't love the shapes. Luckily my favourite high street shop has given me options.

Prada SS11

I have actually tried both of these on, the skirt and the top, on seperate occasions. The shirt is absolutely lovely, but I just don't know how much I would wear it and sadly the skirt (which I adore) is too big on the waist. 

Zara (here)

Zara (here)

I really love the more feminine take Zara put on the Prada originals. 


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

For Audrey...

I know this colour has been out ages, but I couldn't get China Glaze over here in Europe and I didn't want to pay postage from the U.S so I waited until Christmas and my lovely mother got it for me. It's almost the same bright blueish green as that of Tiffany's, but I read somewhere that the actual Tiffany colour is trademarked. This is a pretty close match though.

I'd never worn it until today, it's been to dreary and cold. But the sun was shining today in Paris and the leaves are coming back on the tree's so I thought now would be a suitable time to try it out.


I think it's fair to say when Hannah MacGibbon picks a theme, she likes to over-do it. Think sheer shirts, a lot of the colour camel and scalloped hems. This time she seems to have taken a liking to snake skin and really ran with it.

This I liked. A bit bolder than usual seasons perhaps but still as sophisticated as ever. Then this next one happened.

See, I can appreciate this. She's kept it modern with the yellow on the sleeves and the light a flowy material. But this next one I just can't forgive.

Minus the ACTUAL snake head, it's a cute bag. But I just can't see past it at the moment. Who knows, it might grow on me if I see it enough times.

However, there are three things that never fail to win me over at the Chloe shows (I say that like I have been to them, when in fact, I watch them over youtube and look at the pictures on style.com) and they are the following:

1) The way the models are kept to natural and pretty. For me, the best hair and make-up that comes from the shows are the natural smokey brown eyes and the long flowing golden hair. I love when the models are made to look like a better version of themselves. I'm really not into the edgy hard black lines of make-up and the greased down hair. Chloe get it right all the time, perfectly natural and desirable.

2) The great shoes. I really don't think these need an explanation.

3) And finally, that one great dress (or in this case cape) that leaves you breathless. It's so girly you could barely find an event to wear it, but it's of those items that you just need to have. I really think my wardrobe would be complete with this number.

All pictures are from style.com

Monday, 7 March 2011

oui... moi je joue!

All of the news over the past week or so with the John Galiiano scandal got me thinking about Dior and the innocent connotation it had in my head. The Miss Dior Cherie adverts (my favourite ever perfume campaign) filled with pastel balloons and then perfectly adorable Lady Dior handbags. I remember I first saw this ring when I was 17, it still is top of my wishlist.

So simple and to the point, original and unique(and don't forget the diamond), what more could you ask from a piece of jewellery?

The Dior name for me will remain as clean and elegant as before, no matter what happenes behind the scenes. Yes, it was an awful thing to say, and no, you cannot make excuses for it. But as long as the french fashion house continues to inspire my wardrobe with it's classically girlie and lovable styles, the Dior name will remain up there in my eyes.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Royal Pain

Never have t-shirts looked so glamourous. Wildfox Couture have really done well, I can't stop wishing I was one of the girls they got to dress up for this shoot!

My Perfect Parapluie

I'm not a fan of rainy days, especially here in Paris, as I find myself spending the day taking cover in the warmth of my cosy apartment, only leaving the house to fetch some food and water. That being said, if I had one of these beautiful heart-shaped umbrellas from Bulle de Style in my life, going out in the wet would be an absolute pleasure. They come in loads of colours, but these are my favourite.

A Saturday Treat

There isn't any particular reason why I decided to treat myself today. It wasn't really going to be a treat either because I'm never one to deprive myself when it comes to shopping.

I've been coveting the new Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipstcks. I'm completely addicted to the youtube beauty community and I've heard loads of good things about them around there. Then yesterday, the sun was shining, my music was particulary good and Vanessa Paradis was looking at me from the back of my Cosmopolitan magazine as I stood waiting for the children I work with to finish school. Life was good, so I decided that I deserved a Rouge Coco Shine, you know, just to make life that extra bit more special.

I went into Sephora on the Champs-Elysees today to get mine (yes - it is completely overcrowed with tourists and thier boyfriends but you just can't beat the range they have in that store). 10 minutes and as many swatches on my hand later, I decided on "Boy". That was until I discovered the €29.90 price tag. As nice as it would be to have the sleek black lipstick in my bag, I can't justify it just yet. I really need a reason to treat myself, other than "just because it's sunny and I'm happy". I think "after my dissertation is handed in" is a good compromise.

But it's ok, don't worry. I got my treats...

 Pink Silk "Souvenirs de Paris" Scarf
Topshop VALETTA shoes

 O.P.I's "Teenage Dream" from the Katy Perry Collection
O.P.I's "Rumple's Wiggin'"