Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Details: cuffing jeans

It really is the smalled things that make all the difference. A cuffed jean bottom adds just that little extra finesse to an outfit. It also makes me feel less self-conscious about my thick ankles! Not to mention it showcases the shoes...

Ces sont les petits détails qui font tous. Le revers d’un jean ajoute la touche finale à une tenue. Et ça donne l'impression des chevilles plus fines en plus! En tous cas, il faut toujours mettre en valeur les chaussures…


  1. I agree! I can never figure out what to do with jeans and booties though...is cuffing them a bit weird?

    1. I'd a cuff addict so it's always a cuff for me! x

  2. Great but simple post! Howdo I follow you doll?
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    NCCB x